Tuesday, 11 October 2016

India Quiz 1  (Heritage India Quiz)

A quiz India. This will be useful for all quiz contests and for competitions like Heritage India Quiz, Bharat Ko Jano quiz and India Quiz.

1.The Ghana bird sanctuary is located in
West Bengal

2.Which was the first talkie film of India?
Alam Ara
Raja Harishchandra
Kisan Kanya
Kaagaz Ke Phool

3.Which of the following river is known as Yarlung Zangbo river in India?

4.The watershed between India and Myanmar is formed by
the Naga Hills
the Garo Hills
Khasi Hills
the Jaintia Hills

5.The highest annual rainfall in India is reported at
Namchi, Sikkim
Churu, Rajasthan
Mawsynram, Meghalaya
Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

6.The two states of India, most rich in iron ore are
Orissa and Karnataka
Madhya Pradesh and Orissa
Bihar and West Bengal
Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal

7.Which state in India has the largest number of Loksabha seats?
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh

8.Where is the Salar Jung Museum?
New Delhi

9.ICCR stands for
Indian Council for Cricket Research
Indian Council of Cultural Relations
International Council for Cricket and Rugby
Indian Child Care Research

10.Expand ULFA
United Libreration Front of Assam
United Liberal Fighters of Assam
Union Labour Foundation of Asia
United Labour Friendly Association

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