Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Constitution of India Quiz 5

 Constitution of India Quiz 5

1. The resolution for removing the Vice-President of India can be moved in which sabha?
Rajya Sabha
Lok Sabha
Vice President cannot be removed

2. Which is the oldest high court in India?
Madras High Court
Bombay High Court
Calcutta High Court
Allahabad High Court

3. Which Article of the Constitution of India makes a specific mention of Village Panchayats ?
Article 60
Article 40
Article 256
Article 324

4. In Indian constitution, the concept of single citizenship is adopted from which country?
United States

5. In which year was the first no confidence motion moved in the Lok Sabha after independence?

6. To whom does the Public Accounts Committee submit its report?
The President
The Prime Minister
The Speaker of the Lok Sabha
The Chief Justice

7. ’Equality before law’ is mentioned in which article of the Indian Constitution?
Article 14
Article 40
Article 16
Article 10

8. Which article contains the right to Freedom of Speech?
Article 7
Article 19
Article 10
Article 5

9. Who described the Preamble as the political horoscope of the constitution?
Jawaharlal Nehru
BR Ambedkar
Mahatma Gandhi
KM Munshi

10. Procedure for the impeachment of the President is mentioned in which article of the Indian Constitution?
Article 59
Article 61
Article 140
Article 55

Monday, 27 February 2017

Geography Quiz 8

Geography Quiz 8

1. Latitude and Longitude in the geographic coordinate system are
Parallel to each other
Perpendicular to each other
Opposite to each other
None of these

2. Which one of the following drainage sytems is a characteristic of folded mountains?

3. What is the approximate breadth of the Himalayas?
125 to 600 km
250 to 700 km
150 to 400 km
100 to 250 km

4. What is the approximate total surface area of earth?
210 million sq km
510 million sq km
700 million sq km
425 million sq km

5. Marble is the metamorphised form of which types of rocks?

6. Which one of the following countries is the largest producer of Bauxite?

7. The Ruhr is a heavily industrialised area named after the river that flows through the region. In which country it is located?

8. Which foreign country is closest to Andarnan Islands?
Sri Lanka

9. Tapovan and Vishnugarh Hydroelectric Projects are being constructed on Dhauliganga River. Where is it located?
Uthar Pradesh

10. Which site, where Ashokan pillars exist, has the bull capital?

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Constitution of India Quiz 4

Constitution of India Quiz 4

1. What is the minimum permissible age for employment in any factory or mine or any other hazardous environment as per the constitution of India?
14 years
15 years
17 years
18 Years

2. Where was the first session of the Constituent Assembly held?
New Delhi

3. The President of India can declare three kinds of emergencies. Which one of the following is NOT one among them?
War Emergency
Financial emergency
State emergency
National emergency

4. On the basis of financial crisis how many times has emergency been declared by the President of India?

5. Which one of the following is not technically a constitutional office and seldom carries any specific powers?
The Deputy Prime Minister
Prime Minister
Vice President

6. Who among the following is NOT involved in the appointment of the judges in a high court of a state?
The President
The Governor
The Chief Minister
Chief Justice of India

7. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India?
The President
The Prime Minister
Chief Justice of India

8. What is the maximum age for members of the Union Public Service Commission to hold office?

9. Indian nationality law largely follows the "jus sanguinis". What does it mean?
citizenship by right of birth within the territory
citizenship by right of blood
citizenship by residence in the country
Citizenship by naturalisation

10. When the Vice-President acts as President what happens to his emoluments?
Remains the same
Gets an extra allowance
A little less than the President
Equal to that of the President

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Current Affairs Quiz 8 - Latest Current Awareness Questions

Current Affairs Quiz 8 

Latest Current Awareness Questions

1. Who won the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Male Player of the Year 2016 Award?
Pedro Ibarra
John-John Dohmen
Robert van der Horst
Harmanpreet Singh

2. Hassan Ali Khayre was appointed on 23 February 2017 as the Prime Minister of which one of the following African countries?

3. With which one of the following countries did India sign a pact on rail safety?

4. Pooja Ghatkar is associated with which one of the following sports?

5. Which country recently launched Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad, a war on terror operation to eliminate terrorism?
Saudi Arabia

6. India's only volcano, the Barren Island volcano was in the news as it erupted once again in the month of February. Where is it located?
Jammu and Kashmir
Andaman Nicobar Islands

7. Shibaji Banerjee, who passed away recently, was associated with

8. Who has been selected for the Vyas Samman 2016?
Sunita Jain
Surendra Verma
Kamal Kishore Goyenka
Vishwanath Tripathi

9. Which country is scheduled to host the 2017 Women's Cricket World Cup
Sri Lanka

10. Who won the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Female Player of the Year 2016 Award?
Naomi van As
Carla Rebecchi
Stacey Michelsen
Kate Richardson-Walsh

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Literary Quiz 12 - Books and Authors Quiz

Literary Quiz 12 - Books and Authors Quiz

1. William Sydney Porter was an American author famous for his short stories with surprise endings. We all known him by his pen name. What is it?
Ernest Hemingway
Edgar Allan Poe
Mark Twain
O Henry

2. Alexei Maximovich Peshkov was a Russian writer who was nominated five times for the Nobel Prize in Literature. He is primarily known by the name
Anton Chehkov
Leo Tolstoy
Alexander Pushkin
Maxim Gorky

3. He is best known for his "Essays of Elia", and Elia was the pseudonym used by this English writer. Who was he?
Charles Dickens
Charles Lamb
Clive Hamilton
Daniel Defoe

4. Writer of "A Passage to India", he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 16 different years, but never won the coveted Prize. Who is he?
Leo Tolstoy
James Joyce
E M Forster
Vladimir Nabokov

5. The original title of the poem was 'The Way of the Soul' and the poem is an account of the poets thoughts and emotions as he grieves over the death of a close friend. Name the poem
In Memoriam
Funeral Blues
Crossing The Bar

6. Henrik Ibsen was a major 19th-century playwright who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1902, 1903 and 1904 and is the most frequently performed dramatist in the world after Shakespeare. In which language he wrote his plays?

7. Which one of the following works by William Shakespeare, is NOT a tragedy?
The Merchant of Venice

8. Who wrote "Don Quixote", considered to the first modern novel?
Thomas Malory
Daniel Defoe
George Elliot
Miguel de Cervantes

9. Who wrote "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", a poem inspired by James Cook's second voyage of exploration?
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
William Wordsworth
John Keats
William Blake

10. "Always a Reckoning" is a collection of poems by a Nobel Peace Prize winning US President. Who is he?
Theodore Roosevelt
Ronald Reagan
Woodrow Wilson
Jimmy Carter

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

General Knowledge Quiz 6 - Great Personalities Quiz

General Knowledge Quiz 6 - Great Personalities Quiz

1. Steamboat Willie is a 1928 American animated short film. Do you know who directed it?
Walt Disney
Chuck Jones
Tim Burton
Tim Johnson

2. A pioneer of suspense and psychological thrillers, he was nominated five time for an Academy Award for Best Director, but never won any. He has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for contribution to television and another for his work in motion pictures. Who is he?
Oliver Hirschbiegel
Ben Wheatley
Alfred Hitchcock
Alan Parker

3. He was the first actor to receive two consecutive Oscar Awards for Best Actor. Who is he?
Spencer Tracey
Marlon Brando
Jack Nicholson
Tom Hanks

4. Who is the first actor to win the Oscar Award for Best Actor three times?
Laurence Olivier
Spencer Tracy
Daniel Day-Lewis
Dustin Hoffman

5. Who was the chairman of the Advisory Committee of Fundamental Rights and , Minorities and Tribal and Excluded Areas constituted by the Constituent Assembly?
B R Ambedkar
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
H C Mookherjee
J B Kripalani

6. Which of the following Indian monuments is associated with Ustad Isa Shirazi, a Persian architect?
Qutab Minar
Jama Masjid
Taj Mahal

7. Name the Indian-american biochemist who shared 1968 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine his excellent work on the interpretation of the genetic code and its function in protein synthesis
Har Gobind Korana
Venkataraman Ramakrishnan
Amartya Sen
Jagdish Chandra Bose

8. He is an Austrian-American actor, politician and former professional bodybuilder who served two terms as the Governor of California. Do you know him?
Sylvester Stallion
Arnold Schwarzenegger
John Statham
Dwayne Johnson

9. Dwayne Douglas Johnson is a famous actor and professional wrestler. By which name you better know him?
The Rock
Stone Cold
Triple H

10. This Brazilian racing driver who won three Formual One championships in 1988, 1990 and 1991 was regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time. He was killed as a result of his car crashing into a concrete barrier in 1994. Who is he?
Nigel Mansell
Ayrton Senna
Dale Earnhardt
Michael Schumacher

Sunday, 12 February 2017

General Knowledge Quiz 4 - Great Personalities Quiz

General Knowledge Quiz 4 - Great Personalities Quiz

The questions are about world renowned personalities from different fields. 

1. Blood and Iron is the title of a speech given by this founder and first chancellor of the German Empire. Who is he?
Otto von Bismarck
Leo von Caprivi
Bernhard von Bulow
Georg Michaelis

2. Name the US president who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 for having negotiated peace in the Russo-Japanese war in 1904-05
Theodore Roosevelt
John F Kennedy
William Howard Taft
Woodrow Wilson

3. Which US President made the speech to Congress that outlined the Fourteen Points for peace and the end of World War I?
William Howard Taft
Woodrow Wilson
Theodore Roosevelt
Frnaklin D Roosevelt

4. He was the founder of the Pakistan People's Party and served as the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan. Can you name this Pakistani politician who was executed in 1979?
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
Nurul Amin
Ayub Khan

5. A research chemist before becoming a barrister, this great personality later became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1979.
James Callaghan
John Major
Margaret Thatcher
Tony Blair

6. Who was the first woman Prime Minister of a nation in the world?
Margaret Thatcher
Indira Gandhi
Benazir Bhuto
Sirimavo Bandaranaike

7. Mary Ann Evans was an English novelist, poet, journalist, translator and one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. By what name she was known?
George Eliot
Jane Austen
Virginia Woolf
Enid Blyton

8. Ernesto "Che" Guevara was a revolutionary hero and a major figure of the Cuban Revolution. What was his nationality?

9. We all know George Washington, the first President of United States. But do you know the second President, who was also a Founding Father, a leader of the movement for American Independence from Great Britain?
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
James Madison
John Adams

10. Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori was an Italian physician known for a system which is prevalent throughout the world. In which field she introduced her philosophy?

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

General Science Quiz 9

General Science Quiz 9

1. The presence of which toxic chemical in martian soil is spoiling any evidence of living organisms on the red planet?
Sulphur dioxide
Carbon dioxide clathrate

2. Which chemical agent was used in the Ghouta chemical attack that occurred during the Syrian Civil War in 2013?

3. Which one of the following is historically called acidum salis and muriatic acid?
Sulfuric Acid
Hydrochloric Acid
Nitric Acid
Phosphoric acid

4. Which one of the following is an artificial nitrogen fixation process and is the main industrial procedure for the production of ammonia today?
Haber process
Birkeland–Eyde process
Ostwald process
Frank–Caro process

5. Fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A are stored in which part of the human body?

6. Tocopherol is a fat-soluble vitamin is a naturally occuring antioxidant which can be isolated from vegetable oil. Can you name the vitamin?
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin D

7. Caloris Planitia is one of the largest impact basins in solar system. On which planet is it?

8. What is the term used in medical parlance to a time period lasting for one hour, or less, following traumatic injury being sustained by a casualty or medical emergency, during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical treatment will prevent death?
Critical Hour
Trauma Hour
Golden Hour
Emergency Hour

9. Edaphology is the study of
Edible plants

10. Name the important product of economic importance obtained from the tree Hevea brasiliensis
Hair dye
Chewing gum

Monday, 6 February 2017

Sports Quiz 4

Sports Quiz 4

1. Who is the first and only tennis player to achieve the Golden Slam by winning all four Grand Slam singles title and the Olympic Gold medal in the same calendar year?
Pete Sampras
Martina Navratilova
Steffi Graf
Boris Becker

2. This German former world No. 1 professional tennis player holds the record for being the youngest Wimbledon men's champion at the age of 17. Who is he?
Boris Becker
Pete Sampras
Roger Federer
Rafael Nadal

3. The number of players that can play in a team of Basketball is

4. In a team of "Rugby", how many players can play?

5. This sport was invented by William George Morgan and was originally called "Mintonette". What is it presently known as?

6. Who invented Basketball?
Alexander Cartwright
Walter Camp
John Stalberger
James Naismith

7. What is the length of the cricket pitch?
20 yards
23 yards
22 yards
25 yards

8. What is the length of the net in volleyball?
30 feet
32 feet
39 feet
35 feet

9. With which one of the following games the term "Castling" is associated?
Sepak takraw

10. The first Asian Games, also known as Asiad, was held in 1951 at
New Delhi

Saturday, 4 February 2017

General Knowledge Quiz 5 - Great Personalities Quiz

General Knowledge Quiz 5 - Great Personalities Quiz

1. The Salvation Army is a Christian Protestant church and international charitable organisation structured in a quasi-military fashion. Do you know the founder and first General of Salvation Army?
William Booth
Bramwell Booth
Edward Higgins
George Carpenter

2. Idi Amin Dada was a violent dictator whose regime was responsible for some of the worst atrocities in his country's history. Notorious as one of modern Africa's hardest dictators, he was the president of which country?

3. He was an Indian polymath and a key figure of the Bengal Renaissance. He fought for widow re-marriage and higher education for women. Can you name this social reformer?
Dayanand Saraswathy
Rabindranath Tagore
Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

4. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was a Russian communist revolutionary born to a wealthy middle class family and led the October Revolution in 1917. He was the head of government from 1917-1924. We better know him as

5. Do you know the Portuguese explorer who organised the first expedition to circumnavigate the earth in 1519?
Ferdinand Magellan
Juan Sebastian Elcano
Vasco da Gama
Pedro Alvares Cabral

6. Who is known as the "Father of White Revolution" in India?
M S Swaminathan
Verghese Kurien
Ashok Gadgil
Shiva Ayyadurai

7. Name the famous Indian author who was awarded Padma Bhushan in 1974 and returned it in 1984 in protest against Operation Blue Star in Amritsar. He later received Padma Vibhushan in 2007
Jayant Pandurang Naik
Khushwant Singh
Kirpal Singh Narang

8. Who is the only woman in the world to have climbed Mount Everest twice?
Bachendri Pal
Santosh Yadav
Arunima Sinha
Malavath Purna

9. Who is the youngest person to summit Mt. Everest?
Malavath Purna
Dicky Dolma
Jordan Romero
Ming Kipa

10. Which is the largest library in the world?
British Library
Library of Congress
Russian State Library
Library and Archives Canada

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