Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Science Quiz 38: Computer Science Quiz

Science Quiz 38: Computer Science Quiz

1. What does FMD stand for in storage devices?
Flash Media Disc
Fast Magnetic Disc
Fluorescent Multi-layer Disc
Frequency Modulated Disc

2. In Information Communication Technology, what is a hotspot?
A X-rated website
A sensitive area of the CPU
A vulnerability in the operating system
A public wireless internet access area

3. Which one of the following is recognised as the first commercially successful personal computer?
Altair 8800
IBM 5100

4. Name the first microcomputer word processor to offer mail merge and WYSIWYG
MS Word
Lotus Notes

5. What type of files have .INI extension?
Image files
Video files
Configuration files

6. What does TTL stand for in computer networking?
Time To Live
Technical Transport Layer
Technology Transfer Limit
Transfer Time Limit

7. What does SSL stand for?
Simple Secure Layer
System Secured List
Secure Socket Layer
Security Safe Layer

8. AOL, based in New York, was one of the early pioneers of the Internet. What does AOL stand for?
American Over LAN
America On LAN
Audio Online
America Online

9. The first IBM PC virus was created by Farooq Alvi Brothers in Lahore, Pakistan. What was the name of the virus?

10. What does RISC stand for?
Reduced Instruction Set Computer
Remote Intrusion Secured Computer
Restructured Instruction Set Computer
Realtime Instruction Set Computer

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