Monday, 19 December 2016

General Science Quiz 6

General Science Quiz 6

1. Which is the largest volcano and the largest mountain in the solar system?
Olympus Mons
Boosaule Montes
Ascraeus Mons
Mauna Kea

2. Who coined the term "black hole" to the mysterious bodies in the universe?
Stephen Hawking
John Wheeler
Albert Einstein
Arthur Geoffrey Walker

3. The study of or collecting of bird's eggs is called

4. Name the paleantologist who coined the term "Dinosaur"?
Charles Darwin
William Buckland
Richard Owen
Georges Cuvier

5. Who invented the Printing Press?
Johannes Gutenberg
Lord Stanhope
Friedrich Koenig
Andreas Friedrich Bauer

6. Name the tallest of the flying birds
Mute Swan
Wandering Albatross
Kori Bustard
Sarus Crane

7. Project Blue Book, Project Grudge and Project Sign of United States of America were related to
Cold War
UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects)
Extinct Species
Anti Terrorism

8. Which is the only continet where you cannot find a bee?
North America
South America

9. Which is the farthest planet that can been seen from Earth with naked eye?

10. Henri Becquerel discovered radio activity. Do you know who coined the term radioactivity?
Ernest Rutherford
Henri Becquerel
Marie Curie
Pierre Curie

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