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History Quiz 2 - World History Quiz

History Quiz 2 - World History Quiz

1. In Chinese, he is most often known as Kongzi (Master Kong). Who is he?
Tao Te Ching
Han Fei

2. Name the only US President to resign from office
Bill Clinton
Richard Nixon
Dwight D. Eisenhower
John F. Kennedy

3. Which one of the Special Administrative Regions of China was under the administrative control of Portuguese before it was transferred back to China on 20 December 1999?
Hong Kong

4. This British explorer achieved the first recorded European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands. He was attacked and killed by the Hawaiians. Who is he?
William Adams
Captain James Cook
Benedict Allen
Samuel Baker

5. In 1503 he was appointed as the first governor and viceroy of the Portuguese State of India. Can you name this Portuguese explorer?
Bartolomeu Dias
Antonio de Abreu
Francisco de Almeida
Afonso de Albuquerque

6. In France and other French-speaking areas he is known as Pere Noel or Papa Noel. But in the English-speaking territories he is known by another name. Who is he?
Saint Nicolas
Santa Claus
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope John Paul I

7. Which is the only communist country in the Western hemisphere?
El Salvador

8. What is the term used to refer to the interventions of United States in Central America and the Caribbean between and the end of the Spanish-American War in 1898?
Cold War
Caribbean War
Banana War
Customs War

9. Name the United States President who initiated the foreign policy "Good Neighbor Policy" towards Latin America
Woodrow Wilson
Franklin Roosevelt
James A. Garfield
Theodore Roosevelt

10. The Treaty of Fontainbleau was an an agreement signed in Fontainebleau, France in 1814. Who among the following is associated with it?
Adolf Hitler
Louis XIV of France
Napoleon Bonaparte
Benito Mussolini

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