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General Science Quiz 15 - Inventions

General Science Quiz - Inventions

1. Who invented adhesive bandage (band aid)?
Earle Dickson
James Wood Johnson
HAL Anger
Neil Arnott

2. Name the inventor of electrocardiogram (ECG)
Hans Berger
Clarens Birdseye
Percy Spenser
Willem Einthoven

3. Roy J Plunkett, an American chemist, is known for the discovery of
Safety Razor
Vacuum cleaner

4. He is known for the invention of lightning rod and bifocals among other inventions. Who is he?
James Watt
Alexander Fleming
Benjamin Franklin
John Fowler

5. Who among the following is credited for the invention of first artificial refrigerator?
William Cullen
Lloyd Groff Copeman
John Wilkinson
Alessandro Volta

6. Name the scientist who made important discoveries in induced radioactivity and developed the first nuclear reactor
John Logie Baird
J Robert Oppenheimer
Alan Turin
Enrico Fermi

7. With which one of the following will you associate J Robert Oppenheimer, the American theoretical physicist?
Atom Bomb
Machine Gun

8. Name the British inventor who received a patent in 1845 for the invention of rubber band
Charlie Booth
Stephen Perry
Charles K Bliss
J Stuart Blackton

9. Douglas Engelbart, American engineer and inventor, is known for the invention of a computer accessory. What is it?
Pen Drive

10. Eau de Cologne is a perfume originating from Cologne, Germany. Who created the first Eau de Cologne?
Johann Maria Farina
Myra Juliet Farrell
Andrey Geim
Donald A. Glaser

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