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India Quiz 84: Personalities Quiz

Personalities Quiz (India Quiz 84)

1. The first Paleolithic stone tool (a hand axe) in India was discovered in 1863. Name the archaeologist who discovered it?
Robert Bruce Foote
William King
Henry Francis Blanford
John Percy

2. Who discovered the ruins of Harappa near Sahiwal in Punjab, Pakistan?
Charles Masson
Alexander Cunningham
Francisco Pizarro
Louis Jolliet

3. Who wrote the book "Poverty and Un-British Rule in India" in which he advocated the "drain of wealth" theory?
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Dadabhai Naoroji
Lala Lajpat Rai

4. Who was the first woman to receive a Doctorate of Science from an Indian university?
Asima Chatterjee
Tessy Thomas
Anna Mani
Janaki Ammal

5. Name the first Kushan emperor to first introduce Gold coinage
Vima Kadphises
Kujula Kadphises
Vima Taktu
Kanishka I

6. Who is known as the "Father of Indian Geography"?
James Rennell
Majid Husain
Shiba P Chatterjee
Moonis Raza

7. Who is the founder of Lodi Dynasty?
Daulat Khn Lodi
Bahlul Khan Lodi
Sikandar Lodi
Ibrahim Lodi

8. Gulbadan Begum is best known as the author of the account of the life of a mughal emperor. Who was the emperor?

9. Rohtas Fort in the Pakistani province of Punjab which is an exceptional example of the Muslim military architecture was built during the reign of
Sher Shah Suri
Muhammad bin Tughluq

10. Who among the following rulers of Sur Dynasty was originally named Jalal Khan?
Adil Shah Suri
Firuz Shah Suri
Ibrahim Shah Suri
Islam Shah Suri

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