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Environment Quiz 87: Green Olympiad Sample Questions

Environment Quiz 87: Green Olympiad Sample Questions

1. Which Bollywood celebrity was named People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India’s Person of the Year for 2018?
Sonam Kapoor
Salman Khan
Amitabh Bachan
Priyanka Chopra

2. Which plant has been removed from the purview of the Indian Forest Act in 2017?

3. In which of the following biogeochemical cycles, the atmosphere does NOT play a significant role?
Carbon Cycle
Nitrogen Cycle
Phosphorous Cycle
Oxygen Cycle

4. Which of the following global biodiversity hot spot is NOT located in India?
Western Ghats

5. Mayurbhanj Elephant Reserve in Odisha includes three protected areas to preserve elephants and to foster tourism in the wildlife. Which one of the following is NOT among the three protected areas?
Similipal Tiger Reserv
Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctu
Kuldiha Wildlife Sanc
Bhitarkanika Wildlife

6. Which one of the following is NOT an example of in-situ conservation?
Biosphere reserve
National parks
Botanical gardens
Biodiversity hotspots

7. Which one of the following protocols provides for the Access and Benefit Sharing Agreement (ABSA)?
Kyoto Protocol
Montreal Protocol
Basel Convention
Nagoya Protocol

8. With which one of the following the Bermuda Principles associated?
Human Genome Project
Project Tiger
Climate Change
Rainwater Harvesting

9. Where is the headquarters of Biodiversity International, a global research-for-development organization?
New York

10. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) or Earth Summit 2012 was the third international conference on sustainable development . It is also know as

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