Saturday 10 September 2016

Gandhi Quiz 3

Gandhi Quiz 3

A quiz on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi - Father of the Nation.

1.Name the actor who portrayed Mahatma Gandhi in the film The Making of the Mahatma.
Rajit Kapur
Ben Kingsley
Anupam Kher
Richard Attenborough

2.Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, October 2nd is observed as?
International Day of Non-Violence
Pravasi Divas
International Day of Peace
Matyrs Day

3.Gandhi went to University College of London to study as a barrister in the year?

4.Name the organization started by Mahatma Gandhi that aimed to fight discrimination against Indians in South Africa
Natal Indian Congress
African National Congress
Indian National Congress
African Nationalist Party

5.Name the Newspaper established by Mahatma Gandhi which was an important tool for the political movement led by Gandhi and the Natal Indian Congress to fight racial discrimination and win civil rights for the Indian immigrant community in South Africa.
The Indian Opinion
African Times
Indian Express

6.When did Gandhi return from South Africa?
1915 January 9
1916 January 9
1915 January 26
1915 January 18

7.Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is observed on ..........
9 January
2 October
31 January
7 January

8.Name the language in which Gandhiji started 'Navjeevan' weekly?

9.Gandhiji led Dandi March (Salt Satyagrah) which started on March 12, 1930 departing from Sabarmati Ashram, to reach the coast at Dandi, on 6th of April. How many followers accompanied him in that march?

10.Gandhiji made the slogan 'Do or Die' for?
Khilafat Movement
Quit India Movement
Salt Satyagraha
Simon Commission

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