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Earth Science Olympiad - Previous Questions 9

Earth Science Olympiad - Previous Questions 9

1. The partial pressure of water vapour is 10 mbar and the temperature is 20C (saturated vapour pressure of water is 25 mbar), what is the relative humidity?

2. If the observed temperature cools 15K between the ground and 3 km above the ground, the environmental lapse rate will be
less than the dry adiabatic lapse rate
higher than dry adiabatic lapse rate
same as the dry adiabatic lapse rate
negative of the dry adiabatic lapse rate

3. The energy contained in the violet spectrum is …….. the energy contained in the green spectrum.
smaller than
larger than
equal to
100 times more

4. Temperature in the stratosphere is higher
air at stratospheric altitudes is more dense
because of ozone absorption
because of water vapour absorption
because of more solar radiation

5. The energy for sun comes from
Nuclear fission
Nuclear fusion
chemical reactions

6. Age of the solar system is about
4.5 million years
4.5 billion years
450 million years
450 thousand years

7. Stars have different colours because
They have different temperature
They are at different distances
The interstellar medium changes their colour
They belong to different regions of the galaxy

8. Our galaxy is called
Andromeda Galaxy
M31 Galaxy
W25 Galaxy
Milky Way galaxy

9. How many times bigger than the Earth is the Sun?
100,000 times
10,000 times
300,000 times
500,000 times

10. The nearest star to earth is
Proxima Centauri


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