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Nobel Prize Quiz 3

Nobel Prize Quiz 3

1.Which one of the following about Nobel Prize is correct
Each recipient receives a medal, diploma and cash award
The country with the most recipients of the Nobel Prize in Literature is France
The prizes, except one, are awarded in Stockholm
All of these are correct

2.Who among the following is NOT a recipient of Nobel Prize twice?
Linus Pauling
Frederick Sanger
John Bardeen
Niels Bohr

3.Who declined Nobel Prize for Literature in 1964?
Salman Rushdie
Jean-Paul Sartre
Rudyard Kipling
Aung San Suu Kyi

4.Name the famous physicist who was nominated 84 times for Nobel Prize, but never received it
Stephen Hawking
Linus Pauling
Arnold Sommerfeld
Wolfgang Pauli

5.First person to be awarded Nobel Prize for Literature in English
Rudyard Kipling
William Butler Yeats
George Bernard Shaw
Sinclair Lewis

6.Which of the following US Presidents is NOT a recipient of Nobel Prize?
Woodrow Wilson
Jimmy Carter
Barack Obama
George Bush

7.Name the first US President to win a Nobel Prize
Woodrow Wilson
Jimmy Carter
Barack Obama
Theodore Roosevelt

8.From which one of the following countries in the Indian sub-continent there has been NO Nobel Prize recipient?
Sri Lanka

9.Linus Pauling, has won two undivided Nobel Prizes in the fields of
Chemistry, Physics
Chemistry, Peace
Medicine, Chemistry
Physics, Literature

10.Which of the following organisations received Nobel Prize THREE times
International Red Cross
Amnesty International
United Nations
Institute of International Law

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