Wednesday 27 July 2022

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Quiz 2

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Quiz 2

1. Who among the following was the co-author of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's book "Envisioning an Empowered Nation"?
Arun Tiwari
Arun Shourie
Y S Rajan
Sivathanu Pillai

2. Dr. Abdul Kalam was elected as the president of India during the rule of which prime minister?
Dr. Manmohan Singh
H. D. Deve Gauda
I K Gujral
Atal Bihari Vajpayee

3. In which year did Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam receive Padma Vibhushan?

4. Kalam succeeded ................... as President of India
K R Narayan
Prathibha Patil
Shankar Dayal Sharma
Pranab Mukherjee

5. Name Alexi Carrel's book that influenced Dr. Abdul Kalam
Man the Unknown
Arms and the Man
Light from Many Lamps
A Little Dream

6. Name the programme launched by Dr. Abdul Kalam for the youth of India
What Can I Give Movement
India Against Corruption
Vision 2020
Ignited Minds

7. The state which declared Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's birhtday as "Youth Renaissance Day"?
Tamil Nadu

8. Where did kalam born ?

9. Which one of the following about Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is NOT true?
A. Dr. Kalam's first major project SLV-3 experimental flight failed
B. He used to distribute newspapers after school hours
C. Dr. Kalam was a receipient of Veer Savarkar Award
D. Kalam started his work as Scientific Adviser to President of India
Only C
Only D
Both A and D
Both B and C

10. Which one of the following is NOT true about Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam?
He was a vegetarian
He was a non-vegetarian
He was a voracious reader
He was a bachelor

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