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Gandhi Quiz 2

Gandhi Quiz 2

A quiz on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi - Father of the Nation.

1.This 1915 Nobel Prize winner has written a book on Mahatma Gandhi in 1924.
Primo Levi
Romain Rolland
Mark Shepard
Louis Fischer

2.International Gandhi Peace Prize was instituted in the year ..........

3.Who among the following is NOT a recipient of International Gandhi Peace Prize?
Julius Nyerere
Gerhard Fischer
Nelson Mandela
Al Gore

4.Gandhi Peace Award (US NGO) 2012 was awarded to
Amy Goodman
Arik Ascherman
David Cortright
Ehud Bandel

5."The light has gone out of our lives...".Who said this on Gandhi's death?
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
Subhash Chandra Bose
S Radhakrishnan
Revindranath Tagore

6.Where did Gandhi set up his office to practise as a lawyer?

7.At what age did Gandhi marry?

8.The Kingdom of God Is Within You is written by ...........
John Ruskin
Leo Tolstoy
Charles Dickens
Mahatma Gandhi

9.Why did Gandhi resign from leadership of the Congress Party in 1934?
He was imprisoned by the British on charges of sedition
He was forced out by a pro-socialist faction
He decided to embark on a month-long fasting campaign
He believed that the party saw nonviolence as a tactic, not a creed

10.Mahatma Gandhi was born on
1869 October 2
1869 October 6
1868 October 2
1867 October 2

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