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Tourist Places in India Quiz 2

Tourist Places in India Quiz 2

Tourist Places in India Quiz 2

1. India's Golden Triangle is a tourist which connects three cities of India. Which is NOT one among the cities?
New Delhi

2. Jag Mandir Palace, also called 'Lake Garden Palace' is situated in
New Delhi

3. Lalbagh or Lalbagh Botanical Gardens houses India's largest collection of tropical plants. Where is it?
New Delhi

4. Lalbagh or Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, meaning The Red Garden in English, is a well-known botanical garden in India. Who started the construction of this garden?
Tippu Sultan
Hyder Ali
Kempe Gowda
Veera Ballala II

5. Mayurbhanj Elephant Reserve in Odisha includes three protected areas to preserve elephants and to foster tourism in the wildlife. Which one of the following is NOT among the three protected areas?
Similipal Tiger Reserve
Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary

6. Name the first Islamic Mausoleum (tomb) built in India
Firoz Shah's Tomb
Sultan Ghari
Taj Mahal
Ghiyath al-Din Tughlaq's Tomb

7. Neer Mahal (Water Palace) is a former royal palace in India that is situated in the middle of a lake. Name the lake
Rudrasagar Lake
Man Sagar Lake
Lake Pichola
Pushkar Lake

8. Nishat Bagh which means "Garden of Joy, is a terraced Mughal garden built as a token of love for Nur Jahan, wife of Emperor Jahangir. Where is it located?
New Delhi

9. Originally known as Mankal, this fort was the capital of the Qutab Shahi dynasty. Name the fort
Fort William
Bekal Fort
Golconda Fort
Warangal Fort

10. Palace on Wheels is a
Five Star Hotel
Historical Monument
Luxury Train
Hill Palace

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