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General Knowledge Quiz 12 - Personalities Quiz

General Knowledge Quiz 12 - Personalities Quiz

This quiz is about world famous personalities from different walks of life.

1. He is an Irish architect, best known for designing the White House in Washington D.C. Can you tell who is he?
James Hoban
Frank Gehry
Le Corbusier
Philip Johnson

2. Which of the following authors had contributed to the popularity of the idea of geo-stationery satellites for telecommunication?
Isaac Asimov
Arthur C Clarke
Ray Bradbury
Robert Heinlein

3. She was the former Chief Minister of an Indian state who was a recipient of Gallantry Award from the state for rescuing two girls from drowning. Identify the personality
Anandiben Patel
Vasundara Raje Scindia

4. The Vitruvian Man is a famous drawing by
Vincent van Gogh
Pablo Picasso
Leonardo da Vinci

5. Who introduced the Standard Book Numbering (ISBN), the 9-digit code in 1965 based on which the ISBN (International Standard Book Number was generated by ISO?
Gordon Foster
SR Ranganathan
Norbert Wiener
Alan Turing

6. Sharif un-Nissa or Nadira Begum was a legendary slave girl of Mughal period who became famous in the name that Emperor Akbar gave her. What is the name?
Nur Jahan
Roshanara Begum
Zeenat Mahal

7. Which one of the following chemicals isolated by Japanese Chemist Kikunae Ikeda is used as a food enhancer?

8. Who introduced the concept of Five Year Plans in India?
Mahatma Gandhi
Rajendra Prasad
Sardar Vallbhbai Patel
Jawaharlal Nehru

9. Who coined the term stagflation, a situation in which the inflation rate is high, the economic growth rate slows, and unemployment remains steadily high?
Adam Smith
Iain Macleod
Amartya Sen
Paul Krugman

10. Only one US president had a doctorate (PhD) and he was president of Princeton University before becoming US President. Who is he?
Barack Obama
Thomas Jefferson
Franklin D Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson

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