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Literary Quiz 14 - Books and Authors

Literary Quiz 14 - Books and Authors

1. James Alfred Wight was a veterinary surgeon who is known for a series of books about animals and their owners written under a pen name. What was his pen name?
James Herriot
George Orwell
Roald Dahl
Jack London

2. Who wrote the famous children's novel "The Hundred and One Dalmatians" ?
Walt Disney
Dodie Smith
Enid Blyton
RL Stevenson

3. Topsy is one of the most famous characters in this book along with other popular characters Tom, Eva and Legree. Which book we are talking about?
David Copperfield
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Lady Chatterly's Lover
Little Women

4. Who wrote The Silence of the Lambs, featuring Dr. Habbibal Lecter a cannibalistic serial killer?
Robin Cook
Thomas Harris
James Patterson
Lee Child

5. "Gone with the Wind", a novel which was listed as the second favorie book of American readers behind Bible in a Harris poll, was written by
Margaret Mitchell
Leo Tolstoy
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
George Bernad Shaw

6. Name the writer who wrote the "Schindler's Ark" which was later adapted to film by Steven Spielberg as Schindler's List?
Thomas Keneally
Peter Carey
Brian Schmidt
Robin Warren

7. "Weir of Hermiston" is an unfinished novel by a famous author which was cut short due to the sudden death of the author from a cerebral hemorrhage. Do you know this author?
RL Stine
RL Stevenson
Charles Dickens
Leo Tolstoy

8. Can you name the character whose nose grew whe he told a lie?
Peter Pan
Tom Thumb
Tom Sawyer

9. Which character of children's classic literature was created by Hugh John Lofting?
Tom Sawyer
Doctor Dolittle

10. Which one of the following comic characters has got a pet dog named "Gnasher"?
Fred Flintstone
Homer Simpson
Dennis the Menace

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