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General Knowledge Quiz 11 - Personalities Quiz

General Knowledge Quiz 11 - Personalities Quiz

This quiz is about world famous personalities from different walks of life.

1. "I have nothing to declare except my genius". To whom this remark made at New York Customs is attributed?
RL Stevenson
Oscar Wilde
Rudyard Kipling
Anton Checkov

2. Douglas Carl Engelbart was an American engineer and inventor. Which one of the following invention is credited to him?
Computer mouse
Mobile phone
Digital camera

3. Name the player who was suspended for nine matches and banned for four months after being found guilty of biting an Italian player at the 2014 FIFA World Cup
Pep Guardiola
Luis Suarez
Jose Gimenez
Christiano Ronaldo

4. Who received the 2017 Abel Prize, the annual award by the Government of Norway to outstanding mathematicians?
Andrew Wiles
Yves Meyer
John F Nash
Louis Nirenberg

5. Jim O'Neill, the former chairman of Goldman Sachs, an American multinational finance company, is a British economist best known for coining which of these acronyms?

6. Who was the captain of the ship "Golden Hind" which is best known for circumnavigating the globe between 1577 and 1580?
Sir Francis Drake
Ferdinand Magellan
Juan Sebastian Elcano
Vasco da Gama

7. Name the US president who earned the nickname "His Rotundity" because of his rather short, heavy-set appearance
John Adams
George Washington
James Monroe
James Buchanan

8. By which name do you know Jozef De Veuster, a Belgian Roman Catholic priest ?
Father Gregor Mendel
Pauli Murray
Georg Joseph Kamel
Father Damien

9. He founded ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union) in 1963 and in 1980 became prime minister of Zimbabwe when British rule ended. He was elected president in 1987. Who is he?
Robert Mugabe
Edgar Lungu
Patrice Lumumba
Julius Nyerere

10. Name the former Egyptian President who was recently acquitted and released from the prison by Court of Cassation, Egypt's top appeals court.
Mohamed Morsi
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Hosni Mubarak
Gamal Abdel Nasser

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