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Picture Quiz: Indian Birds Quiz

Birds of India Quiz

Get to know some of the beautiful birds of India.

1. This amazing medium-size bird is found all over India. The males have long and beautiful tail. Can you identify this bird?
Great Indian Bustard
Pheasant jacana
Indian paradise flycatcher
Greater racket-tailed drongo
2. The national bird of Nepal, this beautiful bird is also the state bird of Uttarakhand. Name the bird
Indian roller
Mrs. Hume's pheasant
Blood pheasant
Himalayan monal
3. This clourful, small stubby-tailed bird is usually shy and is found mostly in the thick undergrowth and on the floor of forests. Identify the bird
Indian Pitta
Indian roller
Indian chat
4. The red headed male belong to a species of birds which prefer upland forest systems. Do you know the species?
Red headed woodpecker
Red Headed Trogon
Satyr Tragopan
Rose ringed parakeet
5. Named after a British artist, this species is found only in the north east region of Indian states.
Mrs. Gould's Sunbird
Sooty tern
Mrs. Hume's pheasant
Blyth's tragopan
6. Classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, this is the world's tallest flying bird
Black-necked crane
The Great Indian bustard
Sarus crane
Red-crowned crane
7. Only found in foothills of great Himalayas of India, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan, this beautiful pheasant
Satyr tragopan
Blyth's tragopan
Mrs. Hume's pheasant
Blood pheasant
8. You will easily recognise this bird having a cosmopolitan distribution.
Common tailorbird
Nilgiri Flycatcher
Indian silverbill
9. Found in evergreen hill forests and woodlands (sholas) of southern India. Do you know this bird?
Indian silverbill
Indian paradise flycatcher
Indian roller
Nilgiri Flycatcher
10. This ostrich like large bird with long bare legs is found in India and Pakistan and is protected under Wildlife Protection Act 1972 of India
Great Indian Bustard
Painted stork
Greater flamingo
Grey heron

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