Monday 1 April 2019

Science Quiz 58: Computer Science/Information Technology Quiz

Computer Science/Information Technology Quiz 

1. Who invented DRAM (Dynamic Random-Access Memory)?
Robert Dennard
Freddie Williams
Wen Tsing Chow
Fujio Masuoka

2. Who created the concept of Dynabook, a precursor of today's netbook?
Konrad Zuse
Alan Klay
Ken Thompson
Vint Cerf

3. Who is the creator of Python programming language?
Dave Thomas
Chris Lattner
Guido van Rossum
Heitaro Nakajima

4. Which American technology company derived its name from a Californian city?

5. Which company did Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore establish in 1968?

6. The term "desktop publishing' was coined by an American computer programmer and business man who was the co-founder of a desktop publishing software company. Who is he?
Paul Allen
Dan Bricklin
Paul Brainerd
Bill Gates

7. Who IT business magnate wrote the book "The Road Ahead"?
Steve Jobs
Dave Thomas
Azim Premji
Bill Gates

8. When is World Computer Literacy Day celebrated?
December 2
December 22
February 22
March 2

9. With which one of the following will you associate Scott Elliott Fahlman?
QR Code

10. Who is credited with inventing Compact Discs (CDs)?
James T Russel
Heitaro Nakajima
Alan Shugart
Dov Moran

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