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Science Quiz 59: Computer Science Quiz Information Technology Quiz

Science Quiz 59: Computer Science Quiz Information Technology Quiz

1. Who developed Java Programming Language?
Guido van Rossum
James Gosling
Yukhiro Matsumoto
Chris Lattner

2. Who created MINIX, from mini-UNIX, for educational purposes?
Guido van Rossum
James Gosling
Andrew S Tanenbaum
Linus Torvalds

3. Which Award is known as "The Oscars of the Internet"?
Turing Award
Knuth Prize
Godel Prize
Webby Award

4. Who developed HTML?
Vint Cerf
Larry Roberts
Tim Berners-Lee
Ken Thompson

5. Which one of the following programming languages was developed by the Japanese computer scientist Yukihiro Matsumoto?

6. Oak was the name of a programming language developed in 1991 which was later renamed in 1994. What was the new name to Oak?

7. The search engine Yahoo! got its name from the legendary being that appeared in classic novel. Can you name the book?
Gulliver's Travels
Treasure Island
Sindbad the Sailor
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea

8. "Weaving the Web" is a book written by
Tim Berners-Lee
Vint Cerf
Claude Shannon
Larry Roberts

9. Which country opened the first virtual embassy on the online community Second Life?

10. What is the currency of the virutual world "Second Life"?
Lindon Dollar
Bit Coin
Digi Dollar
Second Coin

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