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Charles Dickens Quiz 3

Charles Dickens Quiz 3

1. Who wrote the play The Frozen Deep under the guidance of Charles Dickens?
William Shakespear
Leo Tolstoy
Ruskin Bond
Wilkie Collins

2. A Tale of Two Cities is one of only two works of historical fiction by Charles Dickens. Which one is the second?
The Bleak House
Great Expectations
Barnaby Rudge
Hard Times: For These Times

3. Charles Dickens Birthplace Museum is located at

4. Which was Charles Dickens’ first novel?
David Copperfield
Nicholas Nickleby
Oliver Twist
The Pickwick Papers

5. Name the final novel by Dickens
Our Mutual Friend
The Mystery of Edwin Drood
The Old Curiosity Shop
Hard Times: For These Times

6. Which novel is also known as “The Parish Boy's Progress”?
Oliver Twist
David Copperfield
Nicholas Nickleby
The Pickwick Papers

7. In which country was Dickens born?

8. Which novel begins with the line “Marley was dead: to begin with”
A Christmas Carol
Oliver Twist
Little Dorrit
The Bleak House

9. Name the two cities in “A Tale of Two Cities
London and New York
New York and Paris
Glasgow and Paris
London and Paris

10. Name the 2013 British biographical film on Charles Dickens directed by Ralph Fiennes
The Invisible Woman
The Riddle
The Chimes
The Death of Poor Joe

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