Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Fairy Tales Quiz 1 - Literary Quiz

Fairy Tales Quiz
The timeless tales collected by Grimm's Brothers and Hans Christian Anderson are liked by adults and children alike. Today's set of questions are from the fairy tales.

1. In Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack makes three separate visits to the giant’s castle in the clouds. What does Jack steal on his first visit?
An axe that can chop through anything
a hen who lays golden eggs
Three sacks of jewels
A harp that plays music on command

2. What was the name of the enchantress who imprisoned Rapunzel in the tower?
Dame Gothel
Lady Rampin

3. In which fairy tales by Grimms do you find the following: A girl, tower room, straw and spinning wheel?
Sleeping Beauty
Snow white

4. In "The Shoemaker and the Elves" what gift do the Shoemaker and his wife give the elves?
New Clothes

5. In the fairy tale "The Musicians of Bremen", four animals decide to become musicians upon finding that they are no longer useful to their owners. Pick the animal not in among the four?

6. Who gets Grandma out of the wolf's stomach in "Little Red Riding Hood"?
Little Red Riding Hood
The Woodcutter
The Fox

7. In The Emperor’s New Clothes, what did the emperor wear on parade?
Silk Coat
Blue Velvet Coat
A Leather Jacket

8. What caused the Sleeping Beauty to fall asleep?
Ate poisoned apple
pricked her finger
Hurt her head
Jumped from the Palace

9. What did the Frog Prince fetch for the Princess?
Her Ring
A golden ball
A Doll

10. In which fairy tale you will find a boy in a cage?
Sleeping Beauty
Hansel and Gretel
Jack and the Beanstalk

Hope you have enjoyed it.
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The next set of questions will be added tomorrow.

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