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Earth Science Olympiad - Previous Questions 5

Earth Science Olympiad - Previous Questions 5

1. Earth’s biosphere is protected from cosmic ray bombardment from outer space because it has
ozone layer in the atmosphere
greenhouse gases
thick atmosphere
magnetic field

2. During the glacial times, the average salinity of the ocean
increased relative to the interglacial stage
decreased relative to the interglacial stage
did not change from that in the interglacial stage
initially decreased then increased

3. Inversion layer in the tropical ocean forms during
summer when low salinity surface water is warmed.
summer when high salinity surface water is warmed.
winter when low salinity surface water is cooled.
winter when high salinity surface water is cooled

4. Off Spain in the Atlantic, a distinct water mass can be observed around 1000 m depth in a T-S (temperature-salinity) diagram. This water mass belongs to the
Mediterranean water
Antarctic Intermediate water
Gulf Stream water
Baltic low salinity water

5. El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is an
ocean process
atmospheric process
ocean-atmosphere process
ocean-atmosphere-land process

6. Earth is a dynamic planet because
there is water on Earth
there is life on Earth
there is heat energy inside the Earth
the Earth rotates and revolves around the Sun

7. Mountain building process generally takes place at
convergent plate boundary
divergent plate boundary
transform faults
interior of a plate

8. Earthquakes do not originate deeper than 700 km because
material is liquid at that depth
there are no rocks at that depth
material is not brittle at that depth
because those earthquakes cannot be detected at the surface

9. Some volcanoes as in Indonesia are explosive in nature while some as in Hawaii are non-explosive, this is because
the larger content of volatiles in the subduction zone related volcanoes makes them explosive
tropical region receives larger heat and humidity making the volcanoes present there explosive
volcanoes in Indonesia are situated within plate while that in Hawaii are at a plate boundary
Hawaiian non-explosive volcanoes are submerged below water while Indonesian volcanoes are above water level.

10. The demarcation of crust and mantle and mantle and core inside the Earth is generally done based on
change in temperature
change in pressure
change in velocities of seismic waves
presence of exotic minerals

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