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Earth Science Olympiad - Previous Questions 3

Earth Science Olympiad - Previous Questions 3

1. Arrange the following in increasing order of grain size a. Sand b. Boulder c. Pebble d. Silt

2. Which of the following sedimentary structure can be used as Plaeocurrent direction indicator
Mud cracks
Flute marks
Symmetric ripples

3. A right side up sedimentary sequence will have
Coarse grains at the top
Mixed grain size throughout the sequence
Finest at the top
Fossils at the top

4. Symmetric folds with straight limbs and sharp hinges are called
Kink folds
Chevron folds
Ptygmatic folds
Recumbent folds

5. Lithospheric plates are composed of
Crust and Mantle both
Crust mantle and core

6. During evaporation, ocean
gets fresher
gets saltier
salt concentration does not change
salt concentration doubles

7. Deep ocean circulation is driven by:
temperature and salinity
Coriolis force
Gravitational force

8. Density of mean ocean water
is maximum at 8℃
is maximum at 4℃
is minimum at 4℃
does not show an anomalous behavior

9. Which of the following colors penetrate deepest in the open ocean

10. Oxygen concentration at the intermediate ocean (between 200-500 m) is lower in the Pacific than that in the Atlantic, because
Pacific water is older than Atlantic
Pacific water is newer than Atlantic
Pacific is productive than Atlantic
Deep water of the Pacific is warm

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