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KAMP NASTA Sample Paper for Class 5 - Science Quiz 1

 KAMP NASTA Sample Paper for Grade V - Quiz Set 1

Science Quiz 1

1. Neena went to see a fort and saw a part of the wall coming out in a round shape. She asked her guide what is it called and why are they made in the fort wall?
Digs; to ensure security
Holes; for asthetics
Bastions; to ensure security
Holes; for people to come inside

2. Why do you think it is important to have a museum?
Because museums help us to know how people of those old times lived, what they used and what things they made.
Because museums are a source of income
Because museums develop our understanding of mathematics
None of these

3. When do we say it is a full moon?
When the entire side of the moon facing the earth gets sunlight
When we see three-quarters of the moon
When a small portion of the moon’s side facing the earth receives sunlight
None of these

4. Rohan’s brother is going on a trek and is preparing his bag. Which of the following tools primarily he should take?
Sling with rope
magnifying glass
a packet of chips

5. If you go to a petrol pump with your father, which of the following vehicle would you most likely not see standing there for petrol or diesel?

6. If Sunita spills water from a glass tumbler both on Earth and in space, which of the following would happen to the water in space?
The water will fall down.
The water floats around as blobs.
The water immediately gets vaporized
The water immediately freezes

7. Riya and Jiya are two friends. Both of them have different families. In which of the following aspects can their families be different?
Both families follow a different religion
They follow different cultures
They have different food habits and speak a different language
All of the above

8. The minimum age of marriage for girls is

9. Riya has a baby. What types of sounds does he make?
Both A and B
None of these

10. Ram has brown eyes. From which member of his family, he probably had got brown eyes?

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