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KAMP NASTA Sample Paper for Grade V - Science Quiz 4

 KAMP NASTA Sample Paper for Grade V - Quiz Set 4

Science Quiz 4

1. How could we save petrol for the future?
By having less number of vehicles
By having solar energy-driven vehicles
By using bicycles as much as we can
All of these

2. In winter, Gujarat people enjoy undhiya. The dish is made up of?
All vegetables and fresh species

3. Earthworms are also called soil’s best friend. Why?
They live in soil by digging it and make it airy
They eat decaying organic matter
Their droppings fertilize the soil
All of these

4. The most common feature among houses in areas with heavy rain and snowfall is expected to be CT
Color of the walls
Sloping roof
Large windows
Small doors

5. Communities that normally travel from one place to another without fixed homes are called

6. The type of energy stored when we stretch a string is CT
Elastic potential

7. Compared to normal air in the atmosphere, water vapor is
Equal weight
Can be lighter or heavier

8. The most abundant element in the earth’s atmosphere is
Water vapor

9. The planets revolve around the sun in
Circular orbits
Non-circular but regular orbits
Non-circular irregular orbits
No definite orbits

10. The rings of planet Saturn are mostly composed of
Sand Particles
Mostly water ice particles
Mostly Big rocks
Mostly asteroids

11. The 0 Degree of latitude is situated in
Northern Hemisphere
In between the North and South Hemispheres
Southern Hemisphere
In between the East and West Hemispheres

12. The primary cause of the seasons on earth is
Tilt of the earth’s rotational axis around the sun
The distance of the earth from the sun
The revolution of the earth around its axis
The lunar phases

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