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KAMP NASTA Sample Paper for Grade V - Science Quiz 3

 KAMP NASTA Sample Paper for Grade V - Quiz Set 3

Science Quiz 3

1. Aditya was watching a movie in his room. Suddenly he heard someone shouting “help please help” from his neighbour's house. If you were in Aditya’s place what you will do?
Go to the neighbour's house and try to find out what actually the matter is and help accordingly.
Straight away call the police.
Ignore the noise and continue watching a movie.
Start shouting ‘Please help them’

2. A Street dog marks its area and does not let other dogs enter in it. How does the dog mark it?
He makes a chalk line
He urinates along the periphery of its area
He barks and tells others not to enter
He guards it all the time

3. Tigers are one of the most alert animals in the jungle, still, it is in danger. Why? Choose the correct answer?
They kill each other
They are hunted by poachers
They run very fast
None of these

4. Rahul was blind but still he could recognize different cooked food. Choose the correct answer.
He could feel the food
He can guess the food
By its taste and smell
None of these

5. Preeti got very sick. She was vomiting and having loose motion. The doctor recommended her to drink one of the following regularly. What was it?
Vegetable Juice
Sugar & Salt Solution
Soft Drink
None of these

6. Deepak’s mother tied soaked chana in a wet cloth and hung it for a day. Next day what will happen to chana?
They will spoil
They would be smelly
They will become hard
They will sprout

7. Seeds do not have legs yet they travel a great distance. How?
By wind
By sticking to animals
By water currents
All of these

8. Long time ago chilli, potato and tomato were imported from?
North America
South America

9. Ghadsisar was a series of lakes in Rajasthan to collect rainwater. How many lakes were interconnected to form Ghadsisar?

10. In the olden days, India had the best ways to harvest rainwater and combat scarcity of water. They had built _____
Wells & Stepwells
All of these

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