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Science Quiz 6 - Nuclear Science Quiz

Nuclear Science Quiz/General Science Quiz

1. The word "atom" is derived from the Greek word "atomos" which means

2. Which was the world's first nuclear power plant to generate electricity for a power grid?
Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant, USSR
Siberian Nuclear Power Station, USSR
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant , Japan
Shippingport Atomic Power Station, USA

3. The design of Apsara, the first nuclear reactor of India, was conceptualized by:
Jawaharlal Nehru
Homi Jehangir Bhaba
APJ Abdul Kalam
JRD Tata

4. Which Asian country released a postage stamp on Marie Curie in connection with IYC 2011?
Sri Lanka

5. What does DNC stand for in connection with Nuclear Reactor?
Decalred Net Capacity
Digital Network Connection
Dynamic Network Capacity
Dynamic Nuclear Control

6. What was the name given to the project led by the United States with participation from the United Kingdom and Canada that produced the first atomic bomb during World War II?
Trinity test
Manhattan Project
Little Boy
Tube Alloys

7. The mobile radiology installations during the world war was known as
Mobile X-Rays
Little Curies
Radiological Ambulances

8. Marie Curie spent a lot of time and effort to extract the radioactive elements contained in a ton of pitchblende, which was donated by the government of what country?
United Kingdom

9. Chernobyl Disaster occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Where is it located?

10. Maria Skłodowska–Curie Institute of Oncology was founded in 1932 as the Radium Institute by Maria Curie. Where is it located?
Warsaw, Poland
Paris, France
Stockolm, Sweden
Hamburg, Germany

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